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6-12 mo
all genders
Kid Clothing

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Taupe Mothercare Doe Top

$11.50 | + $4.15 shipping
6-12 mo
All genders
Play condition
Love this super cute #tee from #MothercareUK 😍 It's a soft #stone #grey / #taupe color with a pretty little #fawn / #doe on the front. Absolutely adorable! Soft and comfy. It hasn't been worn much which is why you won't find too much wash-wear. Once, however, is sometimes enough for toddlers to leave their mark πŸ™„ so play for those marks. A fading stain on the front and a couple of dots on the sleeve. All pictured. Haven't tried treating them so they might wash out. Otherwise, the top is excellent quality, like always with #Mothercare. *If you purchase this with another listing from the shop I'd be happy to remove the cost of shipping πŸ’• #animals #wildlife

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view all 43 comments

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