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Ariberry+K✨🍋🍒 NEXT 📫 12/15

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every little bit matters. every drop in an ocean, every hand extended to help, every voice in a song. thank you for being here. we donated 70% of the proceeds from all sales until 6/14 to the, an organization dedicated to encourage conversations and consciousness around race in children. 🖤 Sometimes writer/Always SAHM to my most favorite little people 🙃 I love strolling through other people's "closets" and discovering their unique take on style. I'm also someone who loves the idea of well-loved things finding a new life somewhere else; ready to start new adventures and be a part of new stories! My daughter has quantities of clothes acquired from all over (the world sometimes)🙃. So eventually I hope you'll find a little bit of everything here. I love the artistry of clothes - the textures and fabrics and colors and I'm a sucker for a floral print! ! But before everything else I love clothes that let kids be kids - what's a stain or two in the adventure of life, right? That does not, however, mean I'll try to slyly pass those stains off on you. I'll always be a 100% upfront about the condition of the clothes. And I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have about the stuff that is on here.  I am happy to make offers when I can; as well as to receive them, of course! When it comes to buying I find myself increasingly leaning towards gently loved and Kidizen is almost always my first stop of choice! Everything comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home; always washed in free and clear everything. Please excuse the wrinkled condition of our clothes though. I promise you it's only because they'd been stored for baby #2 and considering he's just gotten here I just don't have the energy to iron extra things! 🙈 I do, however, staunchly believe (in the interest of not burying the Earth alive) in reusing/ packaging. I'm just figuring things out as I go along... Much like life, really 😊 and I'm very happy to meet you! 🥂 *Most items are cross-posted. *Listing lots of baby things these days! *Always willing to break up and rearrange bundles. Just drop me a message n we can work out a price 😃 *We ship everyday! ☀️ *If you're just passing through kidi land consider signing up! Use the code VAZ30 for a free $5!🤸🤸 *If you're planning to snag any of the listings in our closet for the holiday season or just the cooler weather, do it Now cos we might not be shipping for the next two months!!

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