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9 Toddler
Livie & Luca
all genders
Kid Shoes

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Livie&Luca Lynx Sneaker

$26.00 | FREE shipping
9 Toddler
All genders
Livie & Luca
Play condition

We absolutely love these #blue toned #livieandluca #lynx #sneakers ! 100% vegan with a soft fly-knit upper that
stretches and moves with their foot. EcoBreathe"" antimicrobial technology means neither these shoes nor the little feet ever smell! And they're perfect for puddle jumping too cos they dry off so easy! Easy and off. The Jumper sole with FeatherLight"™ technology make these perfect companions for everything from play to school. We wore ours all the time as you can probably tell 😂 Play for wear on sole and toe box. It's all mostly cosmetic though and we'd probably still be wearing them if we hadn't outgrown them. Please see all pics for condition.

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