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6-12 mo
all genders
Kid Clothing

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Fleece Lined CableKnit Sweater

$16.25 | FREE shipping
6-12 mo
All genders
Very good used condition

This beautiful deep #red / #maroon #cableknit #sweater is exactly what your baby's holiday outfit has been looking for! A deep pinkish #maroon, this color was slightly hard to photograph. With the chest dressed up with golden strands this has #holiday cheer written all over it! πŸ˜„ It's also warm as a hug thanks to the soft #fleece lining on the inside. #Buttons and loops at the back. I think we might have worn this once but possibly not at all. VGUC to be safe but otherwise no wear or flaws! Pretty gender neutral IMO. #holidays #smallshop

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