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Veggietales Clock, Yellow w/ Bob & Larry

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One Size
All genders
Good used condition
Brand: Veggietales Size: aprox 8” in diameter Yellow with green background; Bob the Tomato is Red and Larry the Cucumber is Green. Bright and cute and great for learning to recognize a clock and its parts. There is a second hand, minute hand, and hour hand. Good condition bc there are some “smudge” marks (see all pics); never tried to get them out bc they might be under the cover; probably removable plastic but I’ve never tried to find out; never noticed that smudge marks until I was inspecting it closely to look for any problems. We never used this as a toy, it always hung up on the wall in the playroom and left untouched; In Great condition! Uses 1 AA BATTERY. >>Love this and bought it for my daughter’s bday last year but she prefers a pink one now. 🤪🙂<< #BINPLAYROOM #clock #veggietales #bob #larry #decor #learning #girl #boy #time #cute #yellow #bright #playroom #bedroom #nursery **price includes shipping!**

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