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8 Toddler
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NWT Shimmer and Shine Ballet Flats Shoes

$14.02 | + $4.50 shipping
Seller discount: 15% off 1+
8 Toddler
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****See other Halloween looks here #myhalloweenwc Fit & style Toddler girls' pink ballet flats are a cute and comfy addition to her wardrobe Rounded-toe ballet flats with elastic strap provide a secure fit Lightweight outsole keep her moving easily all day Genies Shimmer and Shine on the insoles adds magical charm The Shimmer and Shine Ballet Flats are perfect for your little girl. These ballet flats are embellished with a bright pink, shimmering upper highlighted with dark pink trim and sequins, a rounded toe with a cute with bright pink stone detailing at the top and graphics of Shimmer and Shine on the insole. The instep elastic strap provides comfortable wear and a secure fit that helps keep the shoes in place. ****Check out these hashtags for other items this size #size3gwc or size 4 #size4gwc or size 5 #size5gwc & bundle to save. Or size 2 #size2gwc #shoes #dressup #halloween #new #nwt #newwithtags #shimmerandshine #nickelodeon #genie #princess #jewels #sparkly #costumes #giftables #sparkle #giftit #sequins #loveyoukc #springkc #bpkc #coldkc

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