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NIB Playzone-fit Wiggle Walker*

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One Size
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"Inspiring active play Everyday" Yall remember those upside down green cups we used for stilts? This is the 2.0 version. *The ones picd are not for sale*WE BOUGHT 2 PAIRS WE ARE SELLING THE NEW ONE These grip the ground with a pumped up cushion. The box said these are good for kids w all different developmental abilities. These are 1 of the pairs I was Going to Sell but my kid Fell in Love with, so now I only have ONE New In Box. haha. These are very nostalgic for me. But improved. **This company makes alot of 90s inspired gymclass toys that have been improved, but still focus on physical activity!!!! I'll be checking out their website at #90sbaby #nineties #eightiesbaby #gymclasshero #exerciseisimportant

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