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Lazy One
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LazyOne's Animal Paw Slippers Size M (13-3)

$22.50 | FREE shipping
2 Big Kid
All genders
Lazy One
Excellent used condition

LazyOne's Animal Paw Slippers Size M (13-3)
Size Medium
Fun slippers for kids are a perfect and cozy way to play dress up. Who said that having fun can't be comfortable?! You can complete any Halloween costume with these wild animal slippers. Wear them as werewolf claws, bear paws, monster shoes, or whatever else you can imagine!
M (Kids' 13–3)
Easy to clean; machine washable.
Created with AZO-free dyes for your family's safety. Be confident in your footwear as a loyal wolf, a seasonal yeti, a witty bigfoot, or even a grizzly bear who's content to hibernate in the den.
Excellent condition
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