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3-6 mo
all genders
Baby Essentials

LanaCare Wool Diaper Cover (Soaker) Organic

3-6 mo
All genders
Very good used condition
softest, high quality wool diaper cover plush wet zone to prevent leaks, soft but fitted legs & waist, all organic wool retails for $62+ as it's one of the high certified organic options - research for all the good info about them! I *think* this is a size small which is for 7 to 13 pounds - it is marked with a 1 inside and it looks like the label placement is different so there might be a different version out now, anyways I'd say best for the first 3-4 months or so depending on cloth diaper size & babe very good used condition, maybe a couple faint spots inside near wet zone but I don't recall treating them so a little sun & stain remover may go a long way. always washed unscented bio detergents

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