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3-6 mo
Kid Clothing
Lamaze Organic 6 Pc Bundle
$14.50 | FREE shipping
3-6 mo
Excellent used condition
This bundle is too cute to resist, at least the pieces were for me, add in it is 100% organic cotton by the much loved Lamaze brand, and I can’t resist the cuteness of them. This bundle consists of 1 pair of gray pants & 5 cutesy happy hipster type onesies, each one will pair with the pants. Unfortunately we only had the one pair of pants in this size, but can pair with other pants, or wouldn’t regret ordering another pair or 2 of the Lamaze pants & maybe a jacket to add to this collection. Currently looking for similar in larger sizes of this Brand myself. Super soft & comfy material, and of course absolutely adorable!!! Size on these are actually 3 months, but as that’s not an option to choose I chose 3-6 month in which we were able to wear during those months as well. Please PM any questions. Thanks for shopping! #bundle
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