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Kidzee Puppy Collection Playsuit 🍭

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12-18 mo
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Kidzee Puppy Collection - 0.5 TOG Sleeping Suit for Toddler & Babies, Unisex Baby Breathable Half-Sleeved Sleeping Suit with Feet Cuffs , playsuit Say GOODBYE to BLANKETS - Our children are active during the day as well as while they sleep. We constantly check them since they throw the blankets while they sleep. As KidZee Sleeping Suits have TOG value, your baby's body temperature becomes balanced for 24 hours. Let's say goodbye to blankets. We are proud to offer the most comfortable sleeping suits for our children. IMPORTANCE OF TOG RATE - TOG value is a temperature value that makes it easier for parents to choose the right sleeping suit that are compatible with the temperature and do not make the baby cold or sweaty. Kidzee sleeping suits have a natural structure, provide a safe and comfortable sleep, as well as maintaining the temperature level by allowing your baby's skin to breathe. The natural fit and breathable soft fabric help regulate body temperature and prevent cold. 100% BREATHABLE COTTON - Z-Suit fabrics are made of thin, silky breathable fabrics. With its cotton texture with high moisture retention rate, it prevents sweating, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. At the same time, it is comfortable and flexible, covering the body, adapting to the movement. DOUBLE SIDED ZIPPER - Our unique designs have a 2-way zip, helping you change busy bubs fast! One of the biggest problems mothers face in daily life is changing their babies' diapers. Kidzee's Z-suit double-sided zippered structure provides mothers change diapers easily with its practical use. It provides ease of use in the toilet, especially for hyperactive children. This allows babies to be more flexible and active in every environment in daily life. OPEN-CLOSE FEET - The most practical feature of the Z-Suit is its ankle cuffs. It can be opened and closed easily, so no tiny feet will ever get cold. Kidzee provides the feature to open and close the foot parts of baby sleeping suit according to the weather conditions. Thanks to this feature, it prevents babies' from getting cold. With this feature of Z-suit, children can play comfortably.
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