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HABA My Very First Games - First Orchard - Spanish - Kidizen

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A brand new Spanish version of our Bestselling Game with multi-lingual instructions and English instructions. The box is in Spanish no Spanish is needed for game play.
This first cooperative board game promotes cooperation as players to work together to roll the dice and then quickly pick the fruit that matches from the orchard before the hungry raven has a chance to steal it. 
Treasured by families for over 30 years, our bestselling toddler and preschool game is a perfect first game that will last for years of engaging family play with its German made wooden components. This classic toddler game is designed for 1-4 players ages 2 years and up. 
My Very First Games are designed by educators to help young children build positive relationships, work together, compromise and share, win and lose gracefully, develop patience, and so much more. No reading is required and First Orchard is easy to set up and can be played right away.  
1 Raven, 1 fruit basket, 4 green apples, 4 red apples, 4 yellow pears, 4 blue plums, 5 path cards, 4 trees, 1 color-symbol die, set of game instructions
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