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One Size
all genders
Kid Clothing
Follow The Leader Shares!
$61.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
♥️ This is a basic Follow the Leader sharing model that never ends. You MUST use the share function on each listing. Comments no longer bump listings. ♥️ To participate comment “in” and the shop name ABOVE you. EX. In @princess_sassypants. Immediately share 15 listings from that shop and comment “done” when finished. ♥️ Please SHARE this listing with your followers to keep it active in the feed. ♥️ Trying to grow your followers? Make sure to follow the shops you share and who share for you. ♥️ Fave this listing and return as often as you want! ♥️ Don’t forget to share immediately after signing in!! #share #followtheleader #bumps #sharing
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