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12-18 mo
Cynthia Rowley
Kid Clothing

Cynthia Rowley 12M Faux Fur Hoodie Vest

$12.25 | FREE shipping
12-18 mo
Cynthia Rowley
Excellent used condition

This vest features a white exterior with a soft, textured appearance indicative of faux fur material. On the inside wear the hoodie is at its interior lining showcases a leopard print design.
- size 12M and made by Cynthia Rowley
- There are two pockets on the front, also made of the same faux fur material.
- This hoodie vest brings a blend of cozy comfort and cute chic fashion. The soft faux fur exterior adds warmth, while the leopard print lining gives it a trendy and stylish touch.
- Color is white and this vest has button closure
- This vest is in great condition and perfect for any season but especially winter and fall.
- This could easily be pared with a long sleeve top or even a dress. Which gives this vest a up and down type style.
- 100 poly lining and faux fur outer lining.
-Cotton and poly material
#comfy #12M #cynthiarowley #fauxfur #vest #outerwear

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