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So im a full-time working mom to a 4 year old “teenager” in Texas. When bored, i shop; i don’t see it as a problem, more of a hobby. ALL items never or very gently worn only... All clothes washed in cold/gentle cycle and most air dried... Keep checking, lots more to come from my single-child, pet-free and smoke-free household :) Uniforms required at school, so lots of items with tags :( *MAMA* ITEMS—we love stuff too!! I wear scrubs 5-6 days a week and nightlife is a distant memory, so I am purging items that are NEW or near new only. *Happy to consider discount on multiple items, just put in your cart and i will make offer. *Keep in mind SHIPPING ALWAYS INCLUDED in price listed. *Member since 9.29.2019* Thanks for shopping! Kristi

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