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Ruxson + Ever

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*apologies to anyone who has had their orders delayed or canceled, I was having issues with the app and not able to see my orders/messages I believe it is now working but wanted to be clear that it was in no way intentional!* Welcome! Here you'll find a varied selection of high/low end items in many sizes/styles. 🔑Friendly, important reminders: ▪️I do not sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself ▪️My home and family are, and always have been completely 🚭SMOKE FREE🚭 ▪️I try to ship asap ⌚️🦅📬 I do my best to ship day-of on purchases or next day, however sometimes I don't because....Life🤦🏻‍♀️ ▪️Please keep in mind of all the extra costs such as Kidizen fees, shipping costs and materials. A $10 item nets the seller around $5.00 after factoring in these aspects ⚖️ ▪️ if you see 👀something you love 💗 don’t miss the opportunity to get it while you can🐢🐰🙋🏻‍♀️ ▪️Use the filter options to find the sizes/brands/specifics you are looking for quickly 👌🏼 ▪️Thank you for checking out the shop, I sincerely appreciate every purchase, share, bump, and tag! This is an amazing community for buying and re-selling!

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