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Vintage Tangoes Puzzle Game

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One Size
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Very good used condition
Vintage Tangoes Puzzle Game Vintage 1991 Tangoes by Rex Games Inc. Ancient Chinese portable puzzle game. The objective of the game is to duplicate the figure displayed on a card using all 7 game pieces. Can be played with 1 or 2 players to compete in a challenge. Ages 6 & up Includes: • Pack of 27 cards with 54 puzzles • 2 sets of 7 plastic geometric shape pieces (in black & maroon) • Game Instructions manual • Slim Box that slides apart • Tanagram Booklet from the 70’s - Gives a background history of game and teaches you how to create other shapes using the pieces. Excellent used condition. No missing pieces. Fun creative game to add to your collection. 🏷 #vintage #90s #tangoes #puzzle #games #tanagram #geometric #shapes #creative #learning #educational #fun #challenging #collectibles #cardgame #1991 #retro #nostalgic #play #used
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