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💘💕 Valentines Sensory Play in a Bag 💕💘
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Introducing 💘 💕 The Valentines Sensory Play in a Bag / Kit 💕 ❣️ All it needs is a fresh batch of play dough at home! ( We added recipe) 💕 Also not shown in photo issss Valentines Coloring Sheets!! Will add extra very full of love curriculum too. ❣️ Limited amount available! Will be up by this weekend on our shops 💘 💘💕 Loving these Hot Pink LOCK & Seal Containers! Perfect for sealing little treasures of love. 💘💕 💕 We are playing with new ideas for continuing use to help hold the fun! 💕 Yes our Bags ARE recycled materials and can plant in your garden too!.....But there is nothing like Tupperware compared to Plastic bags. 💕 So what better time then now! We started with adding to the Valentines Bag & Kit 💕 Can hold all their very special Valentines goodies! 💕 Limited amount! Can purchase on our Shops by this weekend 😊💘🌈 #littlebirdsensoryadventures #valentinesday #sensoryplay #valentines #loveintheair #littlebirdsensoryadventures #valentinesday #sensoryplay #valentines #playdough
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