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The fees are standard in all Kidizen shops. Please keep in mind when ordering off of Kidizen that the price on an item includes: The Kidizen fees of 12-18% (older shops have been grandfathered in at 12% and new shops have the 18% fee) and the price of shipping based on the weight of the item. Here is an example: If you see a shirt you like and the price is $10 here is a break down of the cost. The shirt weighs 3 oz. $10.00 - $3.10 USPS first class postage = $6.90 $6.90 x 12% = $.83 Kidizen fee $6.90 - $.83 Kidizen fee = total of $6.07 $10.00 - $3.10 USPS first class postage = $6.90 $6.90 x 18% = $1.24 Kidizen fee $6.90 - $1.24 Kidizen fee = total of $5.66 ________________ $6.07 or $5.66 final total to seller Also, we buy our own shipping poly mailers and materials such as printer ink and packing tape which is not factored into the breakdown. Each seller has their own costs and they do vary from seller to seller depending on what they buy to send your items. This breakdown was just to show how fees and shipping factor into your price. I hope this helps in your Kidizen shopping experience and your future selling experience. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to private message and ask. I have added photos of the Kidizen fees and also the usps shipping rates as a guide for you to see. Thank you so much for stopping by!
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