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Tokidoki Donutino Dog Plush
$11.00 | + $4.15 shipping
One Size
All genders
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Tokidoki Donutino plushie. Soft fleece donut dog Plush from Japanese Kawaii inspired series Donutella and her sweet friends. Measuring at approximately 8" tall, Donutino is a tan puppy dog with chocolate brown ears, patch on his eye & tail. Multicolored sprinkles decorate the chocolate frosting on his head. He wears a donut collar featuring white frosting, colorful sprinkles and adorned with a yellow heart tag. NWOT as this was never played with & still has the plastic hanging tag attached to its head. No holes or stains. 🔹️Are you new to Kidizen?🔹️ Receive a $5 credit towards a purchase of $10 or more for signing up. Use my referral code: ikz0a to claim yours.
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