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Thomas Take/Play Spiral Tower

$16.00 | + $6.85 shipping
One Size
All genders
Good used condition
Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Spiral Tower Tracks with Percy. Spiral Tower Tracks with Percy is part of a starter train set assortment for the Thomas & Friends™ Take-n-Play™ die-cast line. This set includes a Percy train engine and features a built-in spiral loop of track for your train engines to race down! These also “collect and connect” – with other take n play spiral towers to make one higher spiral loop train set for your train engines! Tracks and train engines store inside canister package with carry handle for on-the-go fun.  Playset says 2014 Mattel CDN02 & CMY67 on the bottom. This train set is in GUC, due to it being played with. Click on the following for more listings: 🦋 #nbtrains 🦋 Cart multiple items & shipping will manually be reweighed & modified.

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