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One Size
Thomas & Friends
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Thomas Great Waterton Playset
$9.00 | + $6.15 shipping
One Size
All genders
Thomas & Friends
Good used condition
Thomas The Train Great Waterton Playset. Markings say 2009 Gullane (Thomas) Limited. Mattel R9621 This playset is perfect for train enthusiasts who love to have their trains travel with them. The Great Waterton has a red carrying handle, is made of plastic and folds out to a circular track. It has a train shed to hold a single train. This train set can be connected to compatible track & other train sets in this series. Folds out to 15"l x 10"w Listed GUC, due to it being a played with toy that has some play wear. Click on the following for more listings: #nbtoys New! Cart multiple items & shipping will manually be reweighed & modified. Not a Kidizen member? Enter code: sep9h & get $5 to spend on a future purchase.
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