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One Size
Thomas & Friends
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Take & Play Knapford Station

$20.00 | + $10.00 shipping
One Size
All genders
Thomas & Friends
Good used condition
This Knapford Station portable Take-n-Play™ playset comes with a durable Percy die-cast engine. Unfold the bottom and back of the play set to reveal a full oval track with ramp, complete and a passenger pickup area. When the engine is rolled up to the passenger pickup area, the passengers behind the window will disappear as if the engine has picked them up. Next time the train is pushed by, the passengers will appear in the window as if they were dropped off. The crossing gate at the top of the ramp can be raised to allow the train to free wheel down the ramp and out through the green doors. The set will also connect to other Take-n-Play™ playsets and is compatible with all die-cast trains. Roughly 9 in. x 7 in. × 6 in. Perfect for traveling! Playset says 2009 Mattel R9622 on the bottom. This train set is in GUC, due to it being played with. Click on the following for more listings: 🦋 #nbtrains 🦋 Cart multiple items & shipping will manually be reweighed & modified.

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