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One Size
Mama Clothing
Sari Wrap Long Skirt Reversible 38"L 50"W Green Cream Two sides
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One Size
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Sari Wrap Long Skirt Reversible 38"L 50"W Green Cream Two sides 8483a400-06082021 I have many of these skirts in various color combinations. You will rarely see the same one twice. Size fits most. 44"-70" wide. Lengths vary between 40"-48" One button hole in the center. Some times 2 or 3 holes Generally lightweight for many occasions. Reversible with one side full length and the other side inches shorter. See pictures for details. • Casual • Summer • Floral • Made in India • Handwash, Line Dry SIZE: Womens One Size CONDITION: New Skirts are upcycled made from used sari’s, we check them for damage but there maybe imperfections made in India. Ship next business day. Find me on web - nawtiehope Check back for constant updates and add me to your favorite seller list. Many more items available in my store.
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