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One Size
all genders
Kid Clothing
RRCWCK Follow the Leader Cart & Share 💕💕Please Read First💕💕
$222.22 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
Royal Ruby Charlotte + Windy City Kids Follow the Leader Cart and Share Group Easy peasy instructions: 1. Sign “In @shopA” - this is the shop with the current request. 2. share and cart 25 items as per Shop A’s request. Pick random items if there aren’t 25. 3. sign “Out @shopA” 4. State the category you want shared for your shop. 5. Rinse and Repeat ad infinitum. 6. Feel free to uncart immediately. Any questions? Please message me. ➡️Not following instructions can constitute removal from the group. Please be respectful of others: don’t skip people and please honor requests. 😇 #rrcwckcartandshare #followtheleader #shares
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