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Robo Alive Dino Wars Raptor & T-Rex

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One Size
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New in box. Colors may vary. Robo Alive Dino Wars Raptor & T-Rex Robotic Pet Figure 2- Pack. Measures: Red Dino - L 12”. H 8”. Orange Dino - L 10”. H 6.25”. Company: Zuru Toys. Brand: Robo Alive. Series: Dino Wars. Item Type: Robotic Pet Figure 2-Pack. Release Date: November 2022. Stock #: 413917. UPC: 193052029515. Get ready for an epic Dino battle! ZURUs Robo Alive Dino Wars T-Rex and Raptor are built with advanced robotic technology for the best Dino battle ever! The Raptor and T-rex can run and stomp at rapid speeds. With realistic eyes and light up details, these Dino's really come alive! Battle Ready: The T-Rex includes detachable armour plates as well as a firing weapon that shoots 7 feet, perfect for any Dino battle! The Raptor includes 4 detachable pieces of defensive Armor making it ready for any Dino Battle! Robo Alive advanced technology brings the T-Rex and Raptor to life! Combining high quality technology with a realistic design make these Dino's Robo Alive!

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