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PLAYSKOOL Dressy Bessy Doll
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Very good used condition
PLAYSKOOL DRESSY BESSY Once a favorite doll among parents, you can now pass down this timeless treasure to your children. - 5 Learning activities: zip, button, buckle, fasten and tie - Mfg Recommended age 36 mo - 3 years - Measures: 3.9 x 12.1 x 14.9 inches   Weight 15.5 ounces The purpose of Dressy Bessy is to teach young children how to fasten their clothes and tie ribbons on their pigtails. Dressy Bessy has big, easy-to-handle buttons on her vest. The original buttons have been replaced with similar, brand new buttons. Underneath the vest is a buckle. (Check out the curious kitty peeking around the corner.) And look! A zipper! Dressy Bessy was first introduced in the 70's. Aside from a slight difference in the feel of the material, Dressy Bessy is largely unchanged from the original. She’s manufactured by Playskool. Very good used condition. No rips or stains. From a smoke free environment. 1 business day handling time. (SKU CT032)
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