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Plan Toys Wooden Dancing Alligator

$14.00 | + $8.55 shipping
One Size
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Good used condition
Plan toys eco friendly dancing alligator Very good played with condition Only issue Eyes show a little wear Its wheels are positioned off centre so when you pull it along it moves its head and tail up and down. It also makes an entertaining click-click sound, much like a low volume castanet with its body. It makes a donk sound with its head and tail. Click-click donk, click-click donk, click-click donk. And its mouth opens and closes. There’s also a raised insert in the wheels that allows them to grip on surfaces like tiles and floorboards. his Plan Toys dancing alligator toy is a good wooden toy for… Coordination development Gross motor skills development Imagination development Language development Like all Plan Toys, the Plan Toys Pull Along Dancing alligator toy is an Eco toy made from reclaimed rubber trees. It is non-toxic and safe for your baby. This is an important feature because most babies tend to put everything in their mouth! This is a suitable alligator toy for kids 1 year old + #dttoys
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