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One Size
Petunia Pickle Bottom
all genders
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Petunia Pickle Bottom Convertible Tapestry Diaper Bag

$34.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Petunia Pickle Bottom
Good used condition
Petunia Pickle Bottom Convertible Tapestry Diaper Bag Shipped USPS First Class Mail Turquoise and brown tapestry diaper bag- messenger style with backpack straps. Zips open for diapering / changing pad. Changing pad is velcro and can be removed for easy wash. Inside zippered pockets is also the same. Side pockets for bottles etc. Outside of bag is faded from sun & inside zippered pouch has a stain which transferred to the inside behind it. Shown in photos Perfect for the camper, camping or beach days when mom’s nicer items don’t want to be ruined! Also I’ve contemplated keeping for the van being an auntie, but our littles are out of diapers now & I’m not quite a gma 👵🏼😂 This whole bag can be washed on delicate cycle and laid flat to dry regardless of dry cleaning recommendations. Feel free to ask any questions I ship within 24 hours Thank you! #petuniapicklebottom #tapestry #vintageinspired #pcmom #backpack #messengerbag #diapering #diaperbag #feeding #nursery
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