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9 Toddler
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Okabashi Navy Blue Carter Camp Shoe Size 9T

$10.80 $12.00 | + $5.50 shipping
9 Toddler
All genders
Excellent used condition
“Whether in water or on land, these updated clog-style toddler shoes will keep them running with slip-resistant soles and back straps to keep them on. These durable and comfortable closed-toe shoes are easy for kids to put on by themselves. After your adventures, these kids' slip-ons can easily be washed and disinfected. Stationary back strap keeps shoe secure on feet. Closed-toe to protect toes. Vent holes for air circulation to help feet stay dry and cool. Easy on and off with side button for adjustable top fit. Non-marking, slip-resistant sole. Lightweight bio-based material is latex-free and rubber-free. Machine-washable. Made in a closed-loop manufacturing process from recycled materials, and fully recyclable when you're finished with them. 2-year quality guarantee. Proudly handmade in the USA.” Above from website, handcrafted in Buford, Georgia- part of the remaining 1% of footwear manufacturers in the US. ❤️🤍💙 Great all purpose shoe for water etc. RV $21.99 EUC look brand new #shoes #clogs #sandals #navyblue #allgenders #water #allpurpose #summer #slipresistant #closedtoe #strap #adjustable #spring #fall #vegan #swim 9.1 oz
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