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10 Toddler
all genders
NWOT Native Jeffersons
$45.00 | FREE shipping
10 Toddler
All genders
New with tag
*SOLD OUT on Website... gender neutral New Native Jeffersons Mischievous Genius in Vivid Blue/Atlantis Blue. These are the ultimate summer sneaker! If you have not yet owned a pair... by all means please get a pair! Hands down, They are the best, and certainly will be your child’s fave! They wear as a sneaker and are also waterproof. Perfect for summer... wear them for play, to the pool, beach or in a Sun shower! *i will not be sending offers on these as I can still return. I will be breaking even after all fees. *These did not come from the company with a tag and will be shipped without the box. If you would like the box, please pm me and I will add shipping fees. #native #sneakers #shoes #watershoes #rain #casual #htf #new #summer #genderneutral
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