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Little Green Radicals
all genders
Kid Clothing
*NEW* Little Green Radicals 0-3M Mustard Yellow Sunshine Shorts
$22.50 | FREE shipping
0-3 mo
All genders
Little Green Radicals
New with tag
London based Little Green Radicals started life in 2005! They were one of the first brands to be designated Fairtrade in the UK! This means their farmers in India get a guaranteed price for their cotton and don’t use pesticides! These sunshine shorts are sure to stand out and be a ray of sunshine! ***New with tags from a local boutique here in Fredericksburg, TX! Check out all #liebeskind listing here! -Little Green Radicals -0-3M -Mustard yellow denim -Adjustable button waist -Cuffed hem with animal ribbon -Retail $36 #littlegreenradicals #uk #eu #mustard #yellow #animals #new #nwt #gifts #denim #liebeskind
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