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One Size
Moby Wrap
all genders
Diaper Bags & Carriers
Moby Wrap Evolution, Bamboo
$25.00 | + $8.55 shipping
One Size
All genders
Moby Wrap
Excellent used condition
Color: Starry Nights Of Salvador. Currently out of stock on Moby website. I don't see any flaws. Lovely material that is truly breathable, a must have if you have an infant during the summer! This was my absolute FAVORITE, with both my children from birth until about 1.5 years old. My youngest could still be worn in this at 18 months and 24 pounds, but she's in that independent stage and wants to do everything herself, so we are purging our carriers and sticking with just two, one for the house and one for the car. Look for more to come! Single Dog friendly home 🐾 non-smoking 🚭. Thanks for shopping! If you're on Facebook Marketplace shopping this post and/OR you are new to Kidzen, get $5 off your first purchase. Use code: bes3s Have a great day! Thanks! From, Kids In This House
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