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Melissa & Doug Prepare and Serve Pasta Set

$12.00 | + $9.50 shipping
One Size
All genders
Melissa + Doug
Good used condition
Melissa & Doug Prepare and Serve Pasta Set Recommended Age 3+ Years This pasta set has everything your little one needs to create a one of a kind pasta dish in their play kitchen! The set includes a mix of felt pasta noodles, plastic pots and dish, wood utensil and food, and cardboard boxes. Includes: 1 Parmesan Cheese with can 1 tomato sauce with can 1 cooking instructions 1 salt shaker 1 pasta fork 1 pasta spoon 1 bowl 1 box of bow tie pasta (6 bowties) 1 box penne pasta (8 penne) 1 box ravioli (4 ravioli) - stuff with spinach, sausage or cheese 1 box linguini (6? linguini noodles) 4 spinach 4 sausage 4 cheese 1 pasta pot with lid 1 colander Originally came with a pat of butter but I cannot find it. Will continue to look and include it if I can. Play to Good Used Condition - because these were played with a lot and the pasta noodles were mixed with all kinds of things (and then washed with soap and water) - boxes are torn. ***Heavy to ship - bundle your favorites and only pay once for shipping! #popofneutraltoys #melissaanddoug #toys #kcbts #kcwonderland

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