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🖤LEGO City Christmas Advent🖤
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One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
23 LEGO advent toys 🖤 14 are unopened ✔️ 9 are opened and complete ✔️ 1 is missing ✔️ 2018 edition We get a new one every year and last year we traveled a lot so he didn’t get to open them all. These are SO fun for kids to wake up in the morning and build one! The ones that are already built could totally be disassembled & bagged up for your little to do - their instructions will be included as well 👍🏼 Box not included - instructions for each and extra pieces from box also included 👍🏼 Great for stockings or your own advent or elf treats ✔️ #judefund - Being sold by my son & all funds go right back into his pocket 🖤 For more toys: #LMToys
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