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Learn To Write Your Name & Alphabet Letters Dry Erase Tracing Mat Set

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Aa-Zz with name! Up to 20 letters. Message me your name choice! ⭐️ All mats are ENGRAVED on the BACK with a smooth writing surface- unless requested otherwise. $price includes (1) 11x14 dry/erase mats w/ NAME (8)dry erase markers (1) eraser - colors vary -Bulk pricing available. 📚Dry Erase Learning Mats -reusable! By MOTHER HUBBARD's CUSTOM CUPBOARD ✏️ 👩‍🏫 Teacher Made! 30+ styles! I am a teacher with 15 years of K-12 experience. I have a specialty in learning disabilities, special education and intervention. Practice educational skills with any dry erase marker. These custom tracing mats are easy to wipe away. Use it again and again without wasting paper! Increase literacy, handwriting, mathematics and English language. Mats are flexible, transparent plastic. The images are ENGRAVED into the BACK of the mat - the writing side is smooth. Use any dry erase marker to teach your child the alphabet, numbers, sight words and shapes. Great to use in classrooms, at home, or on the go! These work best on a dark surface or with colored paper placed underneath. Others Available - (* personalization avail.) *Alphabet (Aa Bb Cc) *Numbers 1-10 / 1-20 / 1-100 *Early Learner. (Toddler-PreK) *Basic Learner. (PreK-Kindergarten) *Shapes (Toddler-Kindergarten) Colors Spelling chart Pre K sight words Kindergarten sight words 1st grade sight words 2nd grade sight words *Cursive. Alphabet and name! *Name only. (Toddler-Kindergarten) Blank lines -vertical Blank lines -horizontal *100s chart - with numbers (PreK-2nd) *100s chart - blank (PreK-2nd) *Multiplication chart w answers (2nd-up) *Multiplication chart -blank (2nd-up) Addition practice chart- blank (PreK-3rd) Subtraction chart- blank (PreK-3rd) *Monthly Calendar. US map / word bank (2 mats -$15) World map - continents World map - countries/oceans Time/clocks Days of week /Months of year Story writing/dr on awing Solar System/Planets Addition facts 0-10 Fact Families /Multiplication Division Addition/Subtraction Place Value Pangrams print Pangrams cursive October spelling words November spelling words December spelling words January & February spelling words Personal Info name address phone$15 Maps - Africa Asia Europe North America Central/South America 👍🏼Custom designs also available! *Legal stuff (All mats and descriptions have been designed and watermarked as my own intellectual property- please inform me if you see others attempting to sell or use my images/descriptions without my consent) #homeschool #backtoschool #toys #learningtoys #fall #school #learning
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