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Late PM/Early AM Slump Bumps Sign Up List

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One Size
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I’ve loved creating this group—and am enjoying the opportunity to get to know more of you as a result 😘. ANY AND ALL ARE WELCOME! Not exclusive. To make it less time consuming for me each afternoon, I’ll just be modifying 🌳THIS POSTING🌳 by adjusting the price just prior to posting the evening group sign up. You’ll get the notification for the ‘price drop’, and can pop over to my page and sign 🌳💙By favorite-ing/🖤ing this listing, you’ll all get the notification at the same time, & it’ll save me an hour of frantic tagging, & the guilt when I forget someone 😆. Please 🖤 or “favorite” this, and let’s do the damn thing. #LNBSUL (“Late Night Bumps Sign up list”)

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