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Jojo Siwa 18" tall soft torso
$60.00 | + $9.50 shipping
One Size
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Set your little ones imagination free when you bring home the My Life As JoJo Siwa Dance Party Doll. This doll will surprise and delight your child and is sure to become their new best friend in no time. This fun and friendly gal is ready to explore and will happily accompany your child on trips to school, errands, Grandmas house or for an afternoon in your local park. The JoJo Siwa Doll comes equipped with a pink iridescent jacket, a fun blue & pink sequin skirt, and white tee shirt with a cute Dream screen print. Accessories include an iconic JoJo hair bow, pink & white sneakers, a microphone, headphones, and a JoJo Siwa music notebook, so she can take sing, dance, and write songs wherever she goes. The JoJo Siwa doll wears her blonde hair in a stylish side ponytail with golden tresses that tumble down past her shoulders. She is 18" tall, poseable, with a soft torso and will fit most clothes and accessories made for 18" dolls. Your little one will enjoy playing and singing along with
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