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Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle
$24.00 | + $4.15 shipping
All genders
Excellent used condition
Happiest baby pink with stars sleepea 5- second baby swaddle, size small, excellent used condition. Sleepea is the ultra-soft, ultra-easy baby swaddle that helps babies be happier and sleep longer! -Made with 100% organic cotton -Special inner flaps keep even little Houdini’s bundled all night -Perfect for healthy, growing hips (International Hip Dysplasia Institute seal of approval) -Extra-quiet Velcro, so light sleepers don’t startle awake with diaper changes -Breathable mesh—at shoulders and legs—to reduce risky overheating -Arm openings that are easy to unsnap for babies who prefer their arms out -Double-zipper—opens from top or bottom—for easy midnight diaper changes
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