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18-24 mo
Hanna Andersson
all genders
Kid Accessories
HA Cobalt Slipper Moccs
$11.75 | FREE shipping
18-24 mo
All genders
Hanna Andersson
Play condition
We love these! They've gotten us through so many cold days. They're essentially thick #terry #socks that have a sewn on layer at the bottom that's I think supposed to #leather and is meant to add grip to the bottom so they don't skid around. Frankly, these are all we wore around the house this whole season. Never outside though obviously. So these have been washed and worn a whole lot. They're still in pretty good condition for all that though, other than the cosmetic wear and tear. Marked play for those, all of which have been pictured. Basically, the blue bit that's used to stitch the cloth and leather together shows tons of wear. None of it is structural though. I've also taken pictures of the inside and you can see the most that's visible in there is the matting at the bottom. The size is toddler shoe sizing 5-7. Happy to provide measurements on request.
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