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Fun Game Bundle (Find It Kids, Fish in a Barrel & Tiddly Winks)

$19.00 | + $8.95 shipping
One Size
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Excellent used condition
EUC Fun Game Bundle Including: ($45.00 Retail) -Find It- Find It® “Kids Version” contains brightly colored pellets, 40+ hidden items and safely secured by cheerful red plastic ends. The Contained Adventure is perfect for homeschooling, the classroom, in the car or on an airplane. It is sure to be a favorite - for all ages! The kid friendly hidden items include one of every letter of the alphabet, a car, balloon, star, baseball, and more! And don't forget the elusive hidden penny! - Fish in a Barrel- The Fish-Linking game and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Link as many fish together tail-hook to mouth-hole in 60 seconds. Link more than the competition to win. - Tiddly Winks- Mast General Store Tiddly Winks Game can be just the old-fashioned entertainment your kids will love #games #bundle #tiddlywinks #fishinabarrel #findit #travel #bundles

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