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One Size
Fisher Price
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Fisher Price Little People I-Jig Electronic Puzzle System
$17.50 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Fisher Price
Very good used condition
VGUC. This digital jigsaw puzzle from Fisher Price is perfect for young children. The 24 piece jigsaw is supplemented by music and sounds allowing for a very interactive experience. With games included as well it is a great and fun way for kids to learn and develop.;The interactive 24 piece jigsaw puzzling game for young children, that allows them to play games and listen to music and sound, whilst piecing together colourful puzzles.;Includes two jigsaw puzzles with memory cartridges.;Batteries required: 3 x AA (included).;For ages 3 years and over. I am also including 2 regular board puzzles, 12 pieces each. #fisherprice #puzzles #littlepeople #kcfiesta #carnivalkc #candylandkc
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