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One Size
Fisher Price
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Fisher Price Little People Educational Learning Figurine Lot
$21.75 | + $8.55 shipping
One Size
All genders
Fisher Price
Good used condition
Fisher-Price Little People Educational Learning Figurine Lot -Preowned in good play condition with some wear from scratches on some for its ages. The wear will not impact with playing -some are vintage which date back to the early 90s, & 2000s -there is an assortment of Animal Parrot , Little Boy Eddie holding a frog -Disney characters on Horses -Biblical nativity baby Jesus in a manger, Angel , Sonya Lee, Wise Man, Mother Mary -professions/careers such as Pilot female, crossing guard ,Sara Lynn paramedic doctor nurse Thanks for looking, please be sure to check out my other listings:) Feel free to bundle with other listings as it will save money on shipping #vintage #cartoons #learningtoys #learning #collectible #retro #y2k #kidstoys #collectibles boys girls preschool pre-K kindergarten
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