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Find It Kid Edition The Original Hidden Object Game

$14.00 | + $8.95 shipping
One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
Find it Games: A Contained Hidden Object Search Adventure Game Can you find the penny? We put a penny in every Find It Contained Adventure hidden object game. Can you seek and find it? The Find It game has always been challenging and fun. Part of that fun is finding the unique penny within each Find It Contained Adventure. We take the time to hand place each penny inside so you can meet the challenge. Spin it. Twist it. Shake it. It's Fun! Each Contained Adventure comes filled with brightly colored plastic pellets in which to search for themed hidden objects. Each tube is secured on both ends with wood or color-coordinated plastic caps. All games have the items listed on a capped end A Great classroom game – teachers use it to teach shapes, colors, classifications, and deduction. Encourages fine motor skills, visual recognition skills, and focus. Great fun for 1 person or the whole family! For Ages 8 and up. Kid edition very good condition #games #dttoys
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