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0-3 mo
all genders
Kid Accessories
Critter Themed Newborn Hat Bundle
$10.00 | FREE shipping
0-3 mo
All genders
Very good used condition
This is a bundle of infant hats. There are four hats in the bundle. Please read for sizes as there is a range! The adorable little orange fox is size NB and is Carters brand, the cheeky grinned blue monster with orange horns is size 3 months and is Carters brand, the happy green frog is size 3-6 months and is Koala Baby brand, and the white with zoo animals is sized 0-9 (I would say more like 3-6) and is Koala Baby! These are such cute little hats for your newest little infant! #hat #bundle #critters #animals #fox #frog #monster #zoo
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