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CLEARANCE Fisher Price Roller Blocks Tumblin' Zebra
$12.00 | + $9.50 shipping
One Size
All genders
Fisher Price
Very good used condition
VGUC with light normal signs of wear from a baby and toddler. From manufacturer: The Fisher-Price® Roller Blocks Tumblin’ Zebra comes to life with silly hand waves as baby drops the roller blocks through the opening at the top — and watches them tumble all the way down! Which foot will they exit through? That can change every time, keeping baby on their toes! Baby can also stack the roller blocks on the zebra’s head — or just bat at the blocks for lots of face-spinning fun! For providing so many ways to entertain baby, this zebra definitely earns its stripes! Features Drop the roller blocks through the opening to make the zebra’s hands wave up and down! Baby can also stack roller blocks on zebra’s head Includes 5 colorful roller blocks for tumbling, spinning or stacking play Grasping & stacking the roller blocks and drop-through play all help foster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Bright colors help stimulate baby’s senses Baby’s actions make exciting things happen — a great introduction to cause & effect! Shipping price of $9 charger separately due to higher shipping cost. Pet friendly smoke free home.
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