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Charlie & Lola Daytime Nightime Doll

$21.50 | + $4.15 shipping
One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
***Select this hashtag to see other toys I have listed #toyswc or books #bookswc Missing some accessories & daytime pants. She is wearing red checkered pajamas for nighttime. This is an adorable Charlie and Lola talking lola doll. Lola is very talkative, squeeze her hand to hear 6 phrases: "I am NOT sleepy and WILL not go to bed" "Goodnight Mr hippipotimus" "Oh no, those are not MY pyjamas, those belong to two dancing dogs" "And these are my BEST shoes and my FAVOURITE hair clips" "I'm hopping, I'm hopping, I'm hopping, hopping" "We've got to get to school before the Dragons!" Her top is reversible. She is in gently used condition but does have some stains.
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