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Bundle of 4 Peg Puzzles & Puzzle Sorter Plus Transportation Peg Puzzle

$20.00 | + $8.95 shipping
One Size
All genders
Good used condition
Bundle of 4 wooden (mdf) peg puzzles with sorter/organizer. Pegs are plastic. VGUC overall. Some minor wear here and there such as a little rough edging on some puzzles pieces like shown on the giraffe and some marks on backs of puzzles and shown in the one picture but overall pretty good. Sorter you would lay on its side as shown in the last photos. Weight over a pound. And 1 transportation puzzle. GUC to VGUC. Minor normal wear such as scratching or some roughened edges for most part except one edge is a little more damaged which some may say brings condition from very good to good. See photos for details. Pet friendly smoke free home. Wooden or wooden-like heavier puzzle with plastic pegs. Almost 2 pounds without even packaging. So 5 puzzles total.

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view all 10 comments

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