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🌷 Bump Group ❀️ 02/25 - 03/04 🌷
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One Size
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Cat & Jack
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Welcome to the Bump Group for - 2/25 - 03/04 πŸ“Έ Get your cameras out! Season is over for the holidays BUT winter is here and Spring is among us! Time for warm jackets, Easter dresses and jeans! Bump groups are absolutely necessary for your store to be constantly moving and staying active to the Kidizen Community πŸ’“ We will have more then one soon! So keep an eye out! My goal is to have 1 going each week! β˜•οΈ We have one overlapping day on Thursdays! So it will be a double bump day! Also can be a good rest day πŸ€ So what we do - 🌿 Number yourselves to 1- 20 or cut off Wednesday by 12am / updated Make sure to follow everyone shop too ( I like to add to collections too!)πŸ’“ 🌿 Each day will have a hashtag and you will copy that hashtag to 3 newer items to share from your shop. ( Or any newer ones!) Orrr a relist of an item! 🌿 Every day try to tag BEFORE noon! Then bump all with that hashtag that day after NOON! Also on YOUR time frame! I'm Eastern and I'm late sometimes...motherhood / homeschooling! 🌿 Make sure to comment done and date βœ”οΈ 🌿 If you have any questions just message me πŸ’™ Thursday - #0225littlebird (double bump day) πŸ’œ Friday - #0226littlebird πŸ–€ Saturday - #0227littlebird 🀍 Sunday - #0228littlebird ❀️ Monday - #0301littlebird 🧑 Tuesday - #0302littlebird πŸ’› Wednesday - #0303littlebird πŸ’š Thursday - #0304littlebird Friday catch up day! Look for next Bump Group to sign up! We all get one OFF day! Because it happens in motherhood lol also if something comes up can do double bumps next to make up that day πŸ’œ It is a trust system. We all want to buy new cute clothes together πŸ₯° Happy Bumping 🌈 Make sure to look for the next Bump Group for the next week! Tag a friend πŸ₯° #littlebirdboutiquefl #littlebirdsensoryadventures #bumpgroups #hashtag
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