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0-3 mo
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Kid Clothing

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AC/DC Dark Gray Rock Sweatshirt 0-3 Months

$9.95 | + $4.85 shipping
0-3 mo
All genders
Very good used condition
Let your little baby show off their rocking style with this ACDC rock sweatshirt! Coming in a dark gray hue and featuring a silver logo on front, this unisex top offers effortless appeal. One side top snap in size 0-3 months. Crafted from lightweight fabric 80% cotton 40% polyester This sweatshirt will be the perfect accompaniment for outdoor activities. So make sure your baby is ready to turn heads with this ultimate rocker piece of style! -ACDC -Rock Sweatshirt -Dark Gray -Metallic silver logo -Baby -Unisex ●●Pants in photo are not included, it's just to show sweatshirt as an outfit. #rock #rockband #acdc #music #rockandroll #sweatshirt #pullover #gray #3M #fan.

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